About Us

These usually start with how we met, so here's the long story

The short story is our first date included lunch at Portillo's where we gobbled down famous Chicago hotdogs. Now that we are no longer in Chicago AND vegan (a double whammy obstacle), we were on a mission to continue enjoying this necessary hometown favorite. 

This is no easy task to keep it authentic. We serve you the real deal (minus the beef, of course) with our

  • steamed poppyseed bun baked in Chicago

  • crisp sport peppers brought in from Chicago

  • crunchy dill pickles coming straight from Chicago

Family Tradition?

Sue's Uncle Bruce (not pictured, Aunt Linda) could be said to have paved the way decades ago, when he started his Chicago hotdog truck in south Florida. His truck has been long-closed, but the seed had been planted. We, too, could bring the taste of sweet home Chicago to San Diego!